Friday promo roundup: September 25, 2020

We get a lot of digital promos at the D.U. email address, too many to give proper justice at the blog. To get through them, here’s a quick roundup. Hopefully some of the below items will strike your fancy.

The 15 items featured this week concern Autocatalytica, Chrome Waves, Early Moods, Lik, The Myopia Condition, Obsidian Kingdom, Our Oceans, Riddim Doctors, Sanctuary, Shred Racers, Spirit Adrift, Svalbard, Them, Vision of Atlantis, and Zeus the Temple. OK, let’s go!

from Toronto plays mathy, proggy, jazzy, instrumental metal. “Cheggo” is the new single from the record Powerclashing Maximalism, below. It’s up for preorder on digital format at Bandcamp.

Chrome Waves
is from the States and has a new album out today, Where We Live, on Disorder Recordings—physical and digital formats. While Chrome Waves is referred to as post-rock and post-black metal, D.U. doesn’t have a good handle on the “post” tag. The cinematic video for “Gazing into Oblivion” is below; the track sounds like a mix of metal and emo-ish melody to us.

Early Moods
is an L.A. retro rocking doom metal band whose Spellbound album is out today from Dying Victims Productions on digital and physical.
(Photo: Suspicious Activities PR)

from Stockholm plays in the traditional Swedish death metal style, judging by the fun music video for “Morbid Fascination,” below, taken from Misanthropic Breed. It’s out today from Metal Blade Records on physical and digital.

The Myopia Condition
is a Canadian band that classes itself as djentcore. To our ears, the below single, “Fighting Fables,” isn’t all that djenty (or “progressive,” which is included in the YouTube title), but hear for yourself. There’s no preorder information for the forthcoming album Event Horizon, but check the band’s Facebook page for updates.

Obsidian Kingdom
is from Barcelona and is billed as an experimental rock band. The new album, Meat Machine, is out today from Season of Mist on physical and digital. Check out the second music video from the record, for the track “The Pump,” below. Interestingly, the first video, for the track “Meat Star,” is arty in style and gives a much different impression.

Our Oceans
is a band from The Netherlands with a progressive rock album, While Time Disappears, up for preorder on digital and physical from Long Branch Records. The lyric video for “The Heart’s Whisper” is below.

Riddim Doctors
is a project from Sikiru Adepoju, a master of percussion and African roots music. The debut album, ỌPẸ (Gratitude), is out now on streaming platforms from MansMark Records. It’s a great change of pace from the usual kind of music we cover around here.

is a classic metal band from Seattle whose second album, Into the Mirror Black, is being reissued by Century Media Records on CD and LP with remastered sound and lots of bonus material. It’s up for preorder now.
(Photo: The Orchard)

Shred Racers Online F2
is a livestream event that features some guitar shredders from Japan: Li-sa-X, Saki, and Ediee Ironbunny. It’s set for September 26 at 14:00 Tokyo time, 1 a.m. EST, and presented by Young Guitar and Nippon Cultural Broadcasting. Buy your ticket from Shred Racers. Here’s the trailer:

Spirit Adrift
is a retro heavy metal band from the States with a new album, Enlightened in Eternity, available for preorder from 20 Buck Spin on digital and physical. Consequence of Sound has premiered a new music video for the track “Screaming from Beyond.” Here it is below:

from the U.K. is billed as a post-metal band, which in this case sounds to D.U. like metal mixed well with emo. In any case, the album When I Die, Will I Get Better? is out now on Translation Loss Records on digital and physical formats. Below is the video for the track “Open Wound.”

is a German heavy metal band with a new album, Return to Hemmersmoor, up for preorder on digital and physical from SPV/Steamhammer. Below is a video for the track “Battle Blood.”

Vision of Atlantis
from Austria is a symphonic metal band with a new live DVD/Blu-Ray and album, A Symphonic Journey to Remember, up for preorder from Napalm Records. The recording captures the band’s performance with the Bohemian Symphony Orchestra Prague. Below is one of the songs from the video, “Release My Symphony.”

Zeus the Temple
from New Zealand has a cool video off the We Can Win album called “Keep Goin’ On,” below. There’s no preorder information for physical formats, but the record will be released on Spotify and Apple Music from Sliptrick Records.

That’s all for this week. Check out our previous promo roundups, and have a good weekend.



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