Swans “Children of God” reissue coming up

Swans will be familiar to fans of extreme underground music—both extremely loud and primitive or extremely intense and emotive. Young God Records and Mute Records are giving one of the band’s important records, Children of God, originally released in 1987, another airing.

Speaking in 2008, bandleader Michael Gira was quoted on the subject of Children of God. He said, “I pushed the music into unfamiliar territory. We spent six weeks in an old isolated medieval sawmill in Cornwall, England, ‘experimenting’ and hashing things out.” He said the album “was a major turning point for Swans, and the musical tendencies that are first engendered here were fertile ground for the remaining future records.”

The album has been remastered and is up for preorder now on CD, LP, and digital, and includes a bonus live album, Feel Good Now, recorded on the Children of God tour in 1987. The package is coming out on November 13.

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