Pigface announces “Everywhere All At Once” livestream to benefit music venues

The dance/industrial/etc. supergroup Pigface, led by Martin Atkins, is streaming one of its concerts from last year and is splitting the tickets 50/50 with venues that host the “Everywhere All At Once” event.

It’ll be held on October 10, 2020, and start with a Zoom chat with Pigface, followed by sets from opening bands Project 44, Curse Mackey, Ruby, Dog Tablet, and Worm, followed by the Pigface set, taken from the last show of its 2019 tour. Pigface had a ton of guests at the gig, such as Chris Connelly and Greta Brinkman.

There’ll also be a live auction with 50% of proceeds going to groups such as Black Lives Matter. Pigface will also make a donation to the National Independent Venue Association. The whole thing is part of Atkins’ “Stay the F*ck Inside” project.

For tickets, check with your favorite venue to see if they’re hosting, or get them straight from Atkins’ website. There’s VIP tickets too.

Photo: Bobby Talamine


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