Selfmadegod Records label roundup

As we always say, it’s nice to get a package of CDs from a record label for review. Selfmadegod is no stranger to CDs (and even puts out music from your editor’s band), and also releases vinyl and cassettes. Let’s take a look at what they sent in.

Antigama Depressant
We’ve written about this record already, and we’ve written about Antigama many times. Suffice to say it’s another solid release from this Polish avant-grind band. The CD is available from the Selfmadegod webstore.

Ketha 0 Hours Starlight
Some of this reminds us of the Egoist album Selfmadegod released years ago. On 0 Hours Starlight, some of that mathy music that Meshuggah popularized appears in large doses. Other adds include a horn section and keyboard selections. The thing that might be hard to get past is the vocals, which are of a unique style for metal. The lyrics are interesting, and the sleeve includes asides about the focus of the lyrics—not the meaning necessarily. An odd record from Poland that won’t be for everyone. For something different, get the CD at the Selfmadegod webstore.

Krigblåst Dawn of the Apocalypse
This d-beat band features the frontman from Phobia on bass and one of the vocals, but there isn’t any Phobia-type blasting here. There is however a split in the music between d-beat and black metal, plus a dose of keyboards that back up the apocalyptic guitar riffs. The CD is up at the Selfmadegod webstore.

Massgrav Stockholm Rockers
Sweden grindcore thrash punk. The 24 songs range in length from 22 seconds to 1 minute and 54 seconds (except the last song, over 4 minutes). Good fun will be had listening to this record.
The lyrics are in Swedish but there’s brief lyric explainers in English in the sleeve, as with Ketha. Top excerpts include “Life happens now and we’re all gonna die,” and “Glad to see you’re happy these days. Too bad it’s all based on living a lie.” CD at the webstore.

Redemptor Arthaneum
These Polish guys are philosophical about being in a band and have included different quotes and musings to go along with the lyrics. There’s even a saying from Buckminster Fuller in there. The music is death metal with layers of complicated guitars on each track. The packaging looks like a lot of thought went into it, and that’s how the music sounds too. Well done. Again the CD is up at the webstore.

Note: The webstore links above point to the CD format of these releases, but Selfmadegod also put most of them out on LP and there’s t-shirt bundles up there too.


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