Relapse Records label round-up

The physical format isn’t quite dead yet, and Relapse Records can tell you that. At the Decibel Metal and Beer Festival in Philadelphia this year, the Relapse guys handed D.U. a small fistful of their recent promos on CD. Let’s run through them and list how they’re available right quick.

Genocide Pact Order of Torment
We’ve written about these guys several times already. Old-school death metal from dudes who might not have been old enough to appreciate the bands they take influence from when those bands were in their prime. The new album on CD and LP and the shirt are available at the Relapse webstore.

Iron Reagan/Gatecreeper split
Iron Reagan is playing old-school music too, but this band is going for classic DRI and that whole crossover scene. Gatecreeper is a whole other can of worms; a kind of doomy (old school, of course) Swedish death metal-sounding band, except it’s from Arizona. LP and CD formats are available at the Relapse webstore.

Mammoth Grinder Cosmic Crypt
This three-piece had its record-release show hitched onto Genocide Pact’s record-release show. Like Genocide Pact, (and Gatecreeper) Mammoth Grinder is riding the wave of old-school death metal but has quite a different take: fewer dynamics for a more primitive direction. This marks drummer Ryan Parrish’s second appearance on a Relapse record here: he also plays drums in Iron Reagan. Relapse has the Mammoth Grinder CDs, LPs, and shirts up at the webstore.

Wrong Feel Great
Do you like Helmet? So does Wrong. It’s a genre band; that is, it plays a specific genre of music, that being Helmet worship. Wrong is good at it too. Wrong has two albums of this stuff. Relapse has CDs, LPs, shirts, and bundles at the webstore.

Yes, these records are on Bandcamp too, but we’re not talking about that now.


– Early on in the D.U. blog’s life we did a round-up of Every Day Hate.


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