Get ready for a trove of works of art (including music) becoming public domain

Last month, writer Josh Jones was very helpful in sorting through a bunch of online articles and lists about a boatload of movies, books, art, and yes, music that’s going into the public domain at the first of the year, 2019. At Open Culture, he shared that “anyone can re-publish” public domain works of art “or chop them up and use them in other projects.”

Jones shared several links at which we can do our research on what will become available, including a Wikipedia entry about music from 1923 that will be part of this trove of material. He also linked to another Open Culture article that references The Public Domain Project, which boasts hundreds of royalty-free audio files.

There’s a lot to dig through here, and there’s no time like the present.


– The BBC released a trove of sound effects
– We previously reported on NASA releasing a trove of space sounds
– And NASA did it again with sounds, images and video
– Then there’s the John Peel Archive of music
– The D.C. Punk Archive is worth visiting



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