Looking back at “Hypnovel” by Mighty Force

Once in a while D.U. receives an album for review that’s outside of our usual sphere of coverage (death metal and grindcore) and that can be refreshing. A record that came in and stood out from the early 1990s is Hypnovel by the U.K. band Mighty Force.

Unfortunately we don’t have the album in our collection anymore, but according to Discogs, it came out on Sub Bass Records in 1992. It’s a cool techno record with different moods and sounds and is charmingly of its time.

It’s up as a playlist on YouTube, so give it a spin below, and if you can find a copy of it in your local shop, so much the better.

We also looked back on the metal band Project: Failing Flesh, who released three albums and features an ex-Voivod member.

Mighty Force Photo: Discogs


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