Lie Still’s lost album “Severing The Hands Of Manipulation And Hate” getting a release

“We’re a power-violence type of band from California” is how Lie Still once humbly described themselves. Like their fast, short songs, the guys came and went in a flash, releasing a well-received demo and touring the U.S. before breaking up back in the early 2010s.

Unbeknownst to its fans, the band had recorded an album. “We recorded this after the summer tour in 2011 and never did anything with this material,” singer Pete Ponitkoff explained recently to D.U. Luckily for Lie Still fans, Horror Pain Gore Death Productions approached the band about unearthing the record and giving it a proper release.

Severing the Hands of Manipulation and Hate is a full-on, rough, powerviolence attack with a hate-fueled vocal style that will be familiar to listeners of Ponitkoff’s previous bands such as Benümb and Agenda of Swine. None of the 23 songs on the album pass the two-minute mark, the sort of songwriting that’s preferred by fans of this kind of music.

For a preview, check out the album track “Sorrow and Rage” below.

The album is coming out digitally on November 13 and is up for preorder now. Get on it.

Check out Ponitkoff’s Get It Or Die! column here at the blog. And we’ve interviewed him more than once in the ‘zine archives:
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Photo: Lie Still’s Facebook page


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