Inhumanity Vortex “Reverse Engineering” review

It’s always nice when we receive physical music in the mail. The band Inhumanity Vortex sent over a promo CD for the album Reverse Engineering all the way from Poland, and we’re glad to receive it because the record has a good mix of influences.

There’s a dose of Spheres-era Pestilence along with some Hate Eternal, which means there’s plenty of synth, sound effects, death metal vocals, blast beats, and also proggy instrumentation and some cool grooves. The band says the songs’ lyrics (six tracks for a total of about 25 minutes of music) paint a dystopian sci-fi future.

The band previously released four demos between 2009 and 2015 under the name Inhumanity and later changed the band name to Inhumanity Vortex.

There’s no release date set for Reverse Engineering and there aren’t any singles online, but the band has completed a lyric video for opening track “Cybermod,” which, according to the band’s social media, is going to be released sometime next month.

D.U. recommends keeping an eye on the band’s Facebook page for updates and release information. Inhumanity Vortex is a band worth following and Reverse Engineering worth picking up.



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