Henry Rollins Talks Vinyl on YouTube

Henry Rollins is a well-known figure to punk rock fans, but also has a wide appeal to indie book readers, movie buffs, and spoken word fans, among many others. He has a radio show, hosted TV shows such as Henry’s Film Corner and The Henry Rollins Show, wrote a column for the Los Angeles Times, released and toured a lot of music with Rollins Band, released books on his label, and much else.

Another of his many endeavors is an interview series about music and vinyl from U Discover Music and The Sound of Vinyl. For the latter, Rollins also recorded a series of entertaining and quick videos about vinyl and musicians that to him are essential. In no particular order:

How I Listen to Vinyl

The Best Time to Listen to Vinyl

The Origins of My Vinyl Obsession

How Many Records I Own

The Resurgence of Vinyl

How I Got Into Punk Rock

Henry Rollins Recommends:

… Black Sabbath

… The Saints

… Jimi Hendrix

… Joy Division

… Suicide

… The Clash

… John Coltraine


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