City of Caterpillar is back with a new music video

“Decider” is the name of the new City of Caterpillar single from the upcoming new album Mystic Sisters. This will be welcome news to fans (like D.U.) of the band’s classic self-titled album from back in the day.

The song has some of the hallmarks of the City of Caterpillar sound and if it’s a good indication of the feel of the rest of the album, Mystic Sisters will be one to watch for.

The record’s coming out on Relapse Records on September 30, 2022 and is up for preorder on CD, LP, cassette, and digital, and it’ll be on streaming.

City of Caterpillar is hitting the road, too. Tour dates are below.

Also, check out D.U.‘s interview with City of Caterpillar from back in 2017 when the boys got back together for a reunion.


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