New War//Plague album “Manifest Ruination” coming up

War//Plague from Minneapolis has been thrashing in the political crust punk scene since 2008 and has a new record coming out, Mainifest Ruination.

D.U. wasn’t familiar with the band until now. It was notable to us lately because guitarist and backing vocalist Andy Lefton had the same duties on the first two Tau Cross records, which we’re big fans of. But now we’re pumped up for War//Plague.

Check out the album teaser below.

The album is 10 tracks chock full of well-produced, mostly mid-paced, d-beat hardcore punk. There might be some touches of black metal melodies here and there, so maybe War//Plague is influenced by that sound a little, or maybe there’s some black metal that’s influenced by the scene these guys run in and it’s all a circle. Other than that, it doesn’t sound like the band is bringing anything new to the genre, and D.U. will hazard a guess that the band isn’t interested in that anyway. Instead we’ll say the guys just wants to rage—an attitude we can get behind.

The most Tau Cross-y song, if D.U. had to pick one, is the side-two track “Vultures.” There’s also a couple more traditional straight-up crust songs, like “Disruption,” a quick one near the end of the record.

Manifest Ruination is coming out on October 30, 2022 on vinyl from Phobia Records in Europe and Organize and Arise Records in the U.S., and a CD release will follow in December. Watch for it!

Related: Watch Lefton in action in his former days in Tau Cross (guitar, stage right) below.


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