Looking back at Desperate Corruption

There’s a few bands that sent several of their releases in for review in the ‘zine over the years back in the ’90s and one of those was the Japanese death metal band Desperate Corruption.

We always reviewed the band favorably in the ‘zine, and your editor had a soft spot for the guys because D.U.‘s old band did a split with Desperate Corruption back then. D.U. even interviewed them for ‘zine issue #22.

The guys were active in the ’90s, releasing several demos and a couple more splits besides the one alluded to above. More recently, Night of the Bloody Tapes reissued the Desperate Corruption Insatiable Mass demo on cassette. It’s also available from the distributor Stabby Hamlet.

Below are live photos of the band performing at a few different gigs in 1995, courtesy of bandmember Mitsuhiko Maeda.

We’ve looked back at more bands from the old days here at the blog.

Tape photo courtesy Stabby Hamlet.


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