Wild Love demo review

When these highschoolers from Northern Virginia played their second show, they were out of their element. D.U. saw them play a basement with two bands that used blast beats and screams to pummel the audience, and Wild Love is a pop-slash-indie rock band. But the boys won the crowd over, with guys wearing death metal t-shirts shaking their hands after they played, going, “You guys are awesome.”

The boys are solid players and have somewhat of a British influence, and live are high energy and even a bit noisy. The three-song self-titled demo (recorded at Studio V) doesn’t hit the ground running—Wild Love chose a slower, sweeter number to kick off the recording—but the last two turn up the rock, especially on “She’s a Wave,” the best song of the bunch.

The demo is “name your price” on Bandcamp.

Check ’em out on Facebook.


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