Druglord “Enter Venus” review

It’s high time we wrote about Druglord again. We last talked about the Richmond doom band back in 2012 when we reviewed the demo that was later issued on 12″ and called Motherfucker Rising. Pretty awesome title.

We pointed out in an even earlier demo review that Druglord is a pretty awesome name for a doom band too. D.U. once suggested to Druglord’s bassist that the band name must be taken already. “No, dude,” she insisted. “We Googled the shit out of it.”

Enter Venus is slow and very heavy, stoner doomy, and has some St. Vitus and Cathedral influences, among other things. The band thinks about what it’s doing enough to mix the songs up a bit, and it’s safe to say that stoner isn’t known for that. Enter Venus might in fact be less punishing and more stoner/sludge than past releases, and D.U. would rather be crushed by a riff than get a contact buzz from it, but Druglord is still high quality.

STB Records put this record out, and all of the various versions of the release are sold out, but there’s always Bandcamp.



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