Godflesh: Photos and video from Philly show

It’s been a while now since the two guys in Godflesh got back together, announced they’re working on a new album, and started playing shows.

We ran a few photos of Godflesh from MDF X, and below are a few from their gig at the Theater of Living Arts in Philadelphia, PA in April of 2014, as well as a live clip from same.

In an interview with MetalSucks, the band’s Justin Broadrick described the new material, saying, “It’s very much like the Godflesh of old, as in the first few albums, up to and including Selfless. It’s brutal, minimal, direct, punishing, unforgiving, surreal, discordant, and so on! But it also has a few songs with hip-hop beats, quite like Pure but much bigger!”

Godflesh fans should be happy to hear that.

For some more info on the reactivated and old Godflesh, go to the official fan site.


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