Usurpress / Bent Sea split CD review

We last talked about Usurpress in our review of two of the Swedes’ records. Here, the guys deliver another helping of old school, no-nonsense death metal. They call themselves “death crust” which works well, but this time it sounds like there’s more death than crust. There’s also a slow, mournful song to break things up. Once again it’s shown that Usurpress is a solid band.

Bent Sea, starting with its first song, appears not terribly different than Usurpress, but soon to find out the band plays grindcore and lots of it. It’s also notable because grind king Shane Embury is on bass in this three piece. Bent Sea keeps things moving with playing short songs and mixing them up: meat-and-potatoes grind one song, Slayer-speed song another, a slower one next, and two vocal styles trading off.

We’re behind with talking about this split since it came out in ’13, but there’s still good stuff to be heard just the same. Available from Selfmadegod.


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