To Dust returns with the cassette “Nightmare Cycles”

“To Dust stands against any and all oppression, social injustice, discrimination, and cruelty,” the band’s Bandcamp page reads. The band’s liberal politics become clear when the listener reads the “explanations” that accompany each lyric of the four-song cassette Nightmare Cycles. Such explanations used to be popular among hardcore bands, and even popped up with a few metal bands such as Burnt By The Sun. If that isn’t enough, To Dust includes a sample of Malcom X on the cassette.

Musically, To Dust is a grindcore band with a healthy metal influence and crunch. The band sarcastically says it’s “the new face of grind!” on its Facebook page, but the songs on Nightmare Cycles fortunately don’t suffer from “too many notes,” as Joseph II critiqued one of Mozart’s plays in Amadeus. The band doesn’t venture too far afield from digestible song structures while still playing extreme music.

If this combination sounds good to you (it sure does to D.U.), then check out To Dust. Nightmare Cycles on cassette is available from Seeing Red Records, and the digital download is up for name your price, on Bandcamp.


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