Blasphemous Creation’s new album is “Forsaken Dynasty”

Blasphemous Creation bills itself as a death/thrash band, and its sci-fi/ancient Egypt concept used in the lyrics and artwork is proven death metal source material. (Samples of the band’s lyrics: “The Nile was red from the carnage and slaughter”; “The gateway to the stars was opened.”) Indeed, one of the band’s influences looks to be Absu, in that the band plays high-register riffs in what sounds like standard guitar tuning. The guys dress in black and wear bullet belts and spikes as well, but the music and vocals are more of an old-school thrash sound mixed with blast beats to D.U.’s ears.

Regardless, Blasphemous Creation, hailing from Reno, has been going since the 2000s and knows what it’s doing. The new album, Forsaken Dynasty, comes out on CD and Bandcamp at the end of July, but the album track “Vindication Scourge” and its lyrics are available for the curious to hear. The record’s nine songs and one intro don’t venture from each other, so the posted song will give listeners a good indication of the sound of the album.

Watch for news updates at the band’s Facebook page.

Band photo: from Blasphemous Creations’ Facebook


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