Listen to Riz Ahmed’s “Sound of Metal” playlist

Actor Riz Ahmed did well in his role as a punk drummer in Prime Video’s Sound of Metal (the trailer is below). Last year, Colin Groundwater interviewed Ahmed about it for and included a Spotify playlist that Ahmed listened to as he prepared for the role (which included learning how to play drums).

In the piece, Ahmed talked about each track in the playlist which includes a range of music, from Bad Brains to A$AP Rocky and other styles in between.

As D.U. became a fan of Ahmed’s acting, we were unaware of his rap career, where he sometimes goes by Riz MC. His current, third album is The Long Goodbye, available on vinyl and digital from his own label, Mongrel Records, and the record is available for listening at the link. He released a brutal short film of the same name to accompany the album. Check it all out.


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