The internet abounds with anti-Trump comps

The ground is thick with anti-Trump compilation albums that started coming out in 2016 (your humble editor’s band appeared on one that came out on Election Day 2018, even).

Some are digital-only, like Our First 100 Days, which was issued one song at a time on Bandcamp. There’s also the ongoing 1,000 Days, 1,000 Songs which is on Spotify (an original 30 Days, 30 Songs playlist seems to have been folded into this one).

Rock Against Trump (which may well have been inspired by Fat Wreck Chords’ Rock Against Bush, who knows) is out in two volumes, and Don’t Stop Now: A Collection Of Covers is also in two volumes.

Then there’s a less ambiguously named Unpresidented: DIY vs. Donald Trump compilation: as with many of these comps, proceeds are going to Planned Parenthood (and Milwaukee, MI soup kitchens in this case). The ACLU receives proceeds from several of the compilations as well, specifically with the release Music For Everyone: A Compilation To Benefit The ACLU.

Some of these records have a local flavor, like Athens vs Trump Comp 2017 from Georgia, or Strange Freedom: Songs Of Love And Protest from Nashville, TN.

The list goes on. Have a listen and do some searchin’.


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