Tired All The Time “Be Well” review

Tired All The Time is a Metro D.C. band that has a pharmaceutical kind of image. The music is a kind of power pop or indie rock concoction with 7-string guitars and 5-string bass, but then also with keyboards and 3-piece drums, and effects on the vocals. Put the artwork and the music and the concept together and it’s all a bit avant-garde.

The band is at its best when playing with more of a heavy, rock edge, but there’s also dynamic with its slower, moodier numbers. In any case, D.U. saw Tired All The Time perform in D.C. recently and thought it was great.

Below are videos from three songs off the latest EP, Be Well: “Little Pieces” and “Bone Dry” and “Only Exception”—which seems like a lot of videos for an EP by an indie band. These videos represent half the record, but all the tracks are cool, and just as cool as the last release, Please Stop.

Be Well is out on Flag Day Recordings, and the cassette and streaming can be had from Bandcamp.

Photo: Yang Zhao


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