Terminal Bliss, the new band from old pg.99 guys, releases “Brute Err/Ata”

The latest all-star band is a doozy: pg.99 (or Pageninetynine), Iron Reagan, and ex-City of Caterpillar members have come together to form Terminal Bliss, a punk/hardcore group.

There’s a healthy dose of noise to go along with the sound that’s not unfamiliar coming from the pg.99 contingent. Brute Err/Ata is a short record with nine songs and a noise track. None of the songs crack the two-minute mark, which keeps things moving on this fast-paced record. It’s out now on Relapse Records: limited-edition LP and Bandcamp.

Related: we interviewed City of Caterpillar on the band’s reunion. And we interviewed pg.99 in archive ‘zine issue #25, page 14.

Photo: Chris Boarts Larson


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