Spotlighting black musicians in metal, punk, and hardcore via Instagram

Besides staying busy as one of the admins at Pledge Allegiance to Grindcore and working a full-time blue-collar job, Corey Donaldson has been spotlighting black musicians in metal, punk, and HC on his Instagram using #blackhardcoremusicians and #blackmusiciansinmetal among other tags.

The first post was in early June (Mike Smith of Suffocation) and since then, in between cat photos, he’s been building up a small collection of posts about various singers and players from various underground groups. Donaldson told D.U. that he focuses “on less-well-known bands. I feel most people in the metal and hardcore/punk scenes are familiar with Body Count and Bad Brains.”

As long as he can keep finding bands to post about, he plans to keep the series going, and he currently has a stockpile of content. “The whole point of me starting this was to amplify black musicians, as they often get left out of the conversation in the scenes, while maintaining the balance of not tokenizing these musicians,” he said, and added, “This felt like the avenue I could make an impact in. … Life and art needs to be uplifted too in these dark times.”

Check out his Instagram account.



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