Friday promo roundup: July 10, 2020

We get a lot of digital promos at the D.U. email address, too many to give proper justice at the blog, but we figure we could at least talk briefly about promos and news items to which we’re not devoting a full blog post. Hopefully some of the below items will strike your fancy.

The 15 items featured this week concern Black & Red, C Trip A, Carthagods, Death Bells, Deathwhite, Evoletah, Get Behind the Mask, Half Past Two, In Parallel, Incantation, Jars, Lost Symphony, Roadie Crew Online Festival, Válvera, and Varathron. Let’s do this.

Black & Red
is a two-man band featuring Jaz Coleman of Killing Joke and Ondrej Smeykal. Casual visitors to D.U. might have noticed that we post about Killing Joke a lot. Black & Red has a new single, On the Day the Earth Went Mad, that’s available now on digital and vinyl. Here’s the video for the title track.

C Trip A
from Philly released its debut album Ozzy Nights on Translation Loss Records late last month on vinyl and digital. It’s an interesting mix of rap, electronic music, soundscapes, and industrial beats. The record has six songs and four instrumental versions of album tracks (photo: Dante Torrieri).

is a metal band from Tunisia whose debut album The Monster In Me is up for digital preorder from Flying Dolphin Administration. The band has a new music video for the track “Whispers From the Wicked,” below.

Death Bells
from L.A. classifies itself as post punk and has a record coming out called New Signs of Life, on preorder from Dais Records on CD, LP, and digital. Check out the cinematic music video for the title track below.

is a U.S. “dark metal” band whose Grave Image album is already out on CD and digital from Season of Mist, but the band released a lyric video recently for the track “Among Us,” below.

is an Australian mellow jazz band whose album Run With the Hunted is out now on vinyl and digital from Rock Paper Scissors Records. A video for the title track is below.

Get Behind the Mask
is “an online gallery of metal musicians in support of public health” that Decibel Magazine has put together, featuring a bunch of folks in many shapes, sizes, and colors showing that you can wear a face mask during a pandemic and still be properly metal. Check out the gallery at the Deciblog.

Half Past Two
is a Californian ska band with a new self-released EP out called Something Blue. It’s up on digital platforms now. The band put up an in-studio music video for its Beatles cover from the EP, “I Will.”

In Parallel
from Nashville has a new EP called Fashioner coming out on Wiretap Records. The band classifies itself as “dramatic rock.” There isn’t any ordering information yet, but check out the well-done lyric video for the track “Leave it With the Ghost” below.

is a U.S. band that should be familiar to most old-school death metal fans. Sect of Vile Divinities (a very Incantation-esque title) is up for preorder on CD, LP, and digital from Relapse Records. The band has a lyric video, below, for the track “Propitiation” (a very Incantation-esque title).

is Russian punk rock. D.U. will add that there’s a touch of noise rock. The band’s EP ПОДЛОГ is up for name your price on Bandcamp while the CD version contains the JARS II LP tracks, all from Pogo Records. The record came out last year, but the label is promoting it again. And besides, the EP is pretty awesome. Below is a video for the track “MEHT” from the EP.

Lost Symphony
is a “classical metal” band that has a bunch of guest musicians on each track of its upcoming album Chapter II. In the video for “Conflagration” below, the band shows you which guest is doing which guitar solo. The band has the record up for preorder on physical and digital formats.

Roadie Crew Online Festival –  4º edição
is promoted by the Brazilian metal magazine Roadie Crew. It begins today at 6:30 p.m. EST on YouTube, where you can also find previous editions of the fest. Check out the Facebook event page.

is a heavy metal band from São Paulo with an album called Cycle of Disaster that’s up for preorder on CD and digital from Brutal Records. Below is the lyric video for the track “Glow of Death.”

from Greece is a black metal band with a live album, Glorification Under the Latin Moon, up for preorder on CD and LP from Agonia Records. Below is a video for the track “Sun of the Moon.”

That’s all for this week. Check out our previous promo roundups, and have a good weekend.



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