Save Our Stages Act passes in Congress

A stimulus package went to the White House from Congress on December 21, 2020, and included the “Save Our Stages Act,” for which the National Independent Venue Association, or NIVA, has been advocating.

The organization said in a statement that over 2 million emails went to Congress in support of the Act, and 1200 artists signed letters to Congress, posted about it, donated to the cause, and played a Save Our Stages fest. The Act “will provide financial assistance to independent venues and promoters that have been devastated by the pandemic’s shutdown.”

NIVA said it “hopes to work with the Small Business Administration to ensure the emergency relief is dispersed as Congress intended” but added that it could take weeks or months before the funding finds its way to the venues and promoters and is accepting donations for the NIVA Emergency Relief Fund in the meantime.

D.U. is just relieved that the Act passed and hopes the stimulus bill is signed soon.

Read more about NIVA here at the blog.

Photo: NIVA


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