Friday promo roundup: December 18, 2020

We get a lot of digital promos at the D.U. email address, too many to give proper justice at the blog. To get through them, here’s a quick roundup. Hopefully some of the below items will strike your fancy.

The 15 items featured this week concern Abythic, Akhlys, Begräbnis, Coffins, Counterpunch, Dipygus, Drones, Enforced, Hell-Born, The Hood’s Got Talent, Jinjer, Myrkur, Venomous, Within Nostalgia, and Without Mercy (we got both ends covered there, within and without). All right, let’s go.

from Germany has released a doom/death metal track, “Augury of the Doomed,” below, from the band’s Dominion of the Wicked album. There’s no preorder information available, but it’s coming out on Iron Bonehead Productions on February 12, 2021.

has a new creepy, atmospheric black metal album out today on Debemur Morti Productions called Melinoë. It’s available on CD, LP, and digital, but you can listen to the whole thing below.

is a Japanese band that plays “funeral doom” with a twist and has a new album, Izanaena, out now on CD from Weird Truth Productions. The album track “因果てど愚弄す(Inverted Cross)” is below.

from Japan is a beloved death metal band, and the guys have a double-CD collection, Defilements, up for preorder from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. It features a bunch of studio tracks, covers, and live cuts from various out-of-print EPs. Check out the track “Hatred Storm” below.

is a Chicago pop punk band with a new 7” EP, Handbook for the Recently Debriefed, up for preorder from Thousand Island Records. A lyric video for the title track is below.

is a Californian slow death metal band with a new album, Bushmeat, coming out on CD from Momento Mori on January 25, 2021, with a later release on LP and cassette from Expansion Abyss. There isn’t any preorder information, but the track “Long-Pig Feast” has premiered at Decibel Magazine.

from London, England has three songs (listen below) from the pop-rock-mixed-with-pop-punk-and-emo album Our Hell is Right Here streaming on Bandcamp. It’s up on preorder from Thousand Island Records on there, plus you can order it on CD and LP.

from Richmond, VA, is part of the popular thrash metal revival, and has released an animated video for the track “Hemorrhage,” below, from debut album Kill Grid. There’s no preorder info available yet, but you can get the track as a single from Century Media Records.

is a black/death metal band from Poland that has come back after 12 years with a new album due out on January 26, 2021, on Odium Records called Natas Liah. There’s no preorder information, but check out the lyric video for the album track “Axis of Decay” below.

The Hood’s Got Talent Vol. 1
is a compilation of eight LA. bands that play in a classic ‘80s style. It’s available digitally and on cassette from Metal Assault Records. Check out the tracks below.

is a progressive metal band, as it categorizes itself, from Ukraine with a seventh single from the album Macro, called “Home Back,” below. The album is available on physical and digital from Napalm Records.

from Denmark has a typically super new single, “Dronning Ellisiv,” which you can get on streaming platforms from Relapse Records. The track is also below.

Check out more of our coverage on Myrkur here at the blog.

from São Paulo has a new video for the track “Unity,” below, from the EP Tribus, coming out on Brutal Records on February 19, 2021 (there’s no preorder information). The band plays melodic death metal, but you still can’t understand the vocalist, so the lyrics are included with the video on YouTube.

Without Mercy
from British Columbia, Canada, has a self-released death metal album, Seismic, out now on CD and on digital. A well-done video for “Uprooted” from the album is below.

Within Nostalgia
is an appropriate name for this great melodic metal band from Ontario, Canada. The album Void & Decay is out now on Bandcamp. Below is a lyric video for the album track “Beneath Unworthy Presence.”

That’s all for this week. Check out our previous promo roundups, and have a good weekend.



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