Round Eye “Culture Shock Treatment” out now

With names like Mike Watt (co-engineer) and Bill Stevenson (co-mixer) and Joey Shithead (releaser) backing you up, you’d be in punk rock heaven. That’s where the band Round Eye is sitting with new album Culture Shock Treatment.

The album (of what the band calls “compost punk”) is pretty raucous and has a few different styles and sounds crashing into each other, including saxophone, warped melodies, old-school punk influences, and lyrics that are clever and very political but not preachy. Standout tracks are “The Foreigner” and “Pieces” and “Uomo Moderno.” The record is a little less successful with faster tempos and more traditional, obnoxious punk songs.

“You’re So Fucking Cool” has a strong Killing Joke vibe, something I appreciate.

Shanghai-based Round Eye has paid its dues (like getting its Chinese tour cancelled by authorities) and deserves attention. The album didn’t really grab my attention with the first track, but it got more and more charming as each song played.

Culture Shock Treatment is out now on LP from Sudden Death Records. It’s also on Spotify. Check it out!


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