In the post-Brexit world, musicians come out in support of “Let the Music Move”

In the past we wrote about #letthemusicplay. Now there’s #letthemusicmove, a campaign calling on the U.K. government to “mitigate the Brexit-related impacts of restrictions, costs, and delays on European touring.”

Some musicians are saying they’re not able to tour properly post-Brexit. There’s more details on the “Brexit touring crisis” from Jazz Monroe, writing at Pitchfork.

Some heavyweights in the music industry are supporting the campaign, such as Radiohead, The Chemical Brothers, Psychedelic Furs, Annie Lennox, New Order, Bob Geldof, Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, members of Portishead, the Musicians Union, and the list goes on.

You can sign on to #letthemusicmove if you’re interested at the movement’s website.

Images: TheDigitalArtist/Pixabay


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