Catching up with Transgressor

The Japanese death metal band Transgressor is one that D.U. spoke highly of in the 1990s (each time we reviewed their releases we used the word “amazing”) and all these years later, the band is keeping busy.

The guys have been announcing a bunch of reissues and represses of their old releases from back then:

  • Defiled Crosses Demo(n)s Recollection came out on CD last year from Vrykoblast Productions. It contains the band’s demos and a bonus track.
  • Another demo collection came out on cassette from Zzooouhh Records.
  • Ether for Scapegoat is a popular item in the band’s catalog. Not only did that album come out on cassette from Zzooouhh, but it’s getting repressed on CD this month from Memento Mori Records after another yet another re-release on cassette from Sunken Tomb Records from 2020.

See what’s so great about Ether for Scapegoat—it’s been posted to YouTube:

The band has been playing festivals and tours as well, and is working on more gigs. Follow the band on its Facebook page.

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Photos: Transgressor in the early 1990s, courtesy Takashi Tanaka; tape photo from the band’s Facebook.


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