Catching up with Beyond Description

Beyond Description is a Japanese “intense metallic hardcore” band, as it referred to itself in the 1990s, back when the boys would send their releases into D.U. for review. The group was right up our alley.

The band is still going, rehearsing, playing shows, and working on releases, and posting about all that on its Facebook page.

Back in the day, we reviewed the group’s 1990 Demo, the Fine Day Nostalgia EP, and the Japan Meets Holland split EP. Lately, Beyond Description has gotten its old Calm Loving Life EP remastered and repacked on CD with its Live in Germany release.

It’s still a blast to listen to Beyond Description. For a thrashing hardcore good time, check out the band’s latest releases on Bandcamp.

Photo: Beyond Description in 1990, courtesy vocalist Hideyuki Okahara.


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