River Black: new album coming up

River-Black-cover_300River Black is the new metal band made up of Burnt By The Sun (or BBTS) except with the bassist from Revocation/Publicist UK playing bass. It’s safe to say if you like BBTS, you’ll like the band River Black.

The debut, River Black, sounds like the last couple of Burnt By The Sun records except slower. The record features vocals from the hardcore tradition except with much more dynamicsthan you’d expect; unique, elastic riffs; and one of the best drummers in the game. The band does throw a couple of large curve balls, in tracks “Haunt” with some full-on clean singing, and some strings on the title track.

The record is coming out July 7, 2017 on CD and LP on Season of Mist. Pre-orders are up now.

Three songs from the record have already premiered online—check them out: “Low” is at Lambgoat, “#Victim” is at Revolver, and “Jaws” is at Metal Injection.


We ran an edited version of the BBTS Iceland tour diary in 2005 in archive zine issue #34

Photo: Scott Kinkade


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