Ratos de Porão “Século Sinistro” review

It’s crazy that these guys have been going at Brazilian fast hardcore for, like, 33 years. And the new album, kicking off with what sounds like a riot in the streets, doesn’t let up. It’s more aggressive and less groovy and eclectic (if that’s the word) than an older record like Carniceria Tropical from the ’90s (that one has lots of personality). RDP is basically able to show bands half their age how it’s done, if they have a mind to.

Século Sinistro brims with fast songs, mid-paced rockers, guitar crunch, ripping solos, and those classic vocals from João Gordo. Songs like “Preunucio De Treta” mix it up a bit, but mostly these songs stick to what they’re doing: pulverizing. The band recorded the record on analog gear, which is cool. Maybe that’s because RDP is old school, and that’s a good thing.

Século Sinistro is out on Alternative Tentacles on CD, LP and digital download. And here’s a teaser for the album that the label put out before the release:


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