Nausea interview with Leon del Muerte: new album “Condemned to the System”

The grindcore legends Nausea have a new record coming out on January 7 called Condemned to the System on Willowtip.

It marks the first time guitarist Leon del Muerte (of Murder Construct, ex-Impaled, ex-Exhumed, ex-Intronaut, the list goes on) has recorded with Nausea. Speaking via email about the recording, del Muerte says, “It went pretty well overall, but I did screw up a few minor things here and there. When we got the roughs back, I listed to some of the solos and realized that I recorded almost the same solo in two different songs. Whoops. So much for trying to class it up.”

Judging by the songs Nausea posted online in advance of the album’s release (linked below), Condemned to the System is going to be a traditional grindcore record, which sounds like a great idea. Nausea had included some Pitch Shifter-style industrial songs on a couple of demos over the years, interestingly enough, but band founder Oscar Garcia said in our last Nausea interview, “Right now we want to get back to the grindcore old-school style, not so much industrial.” Del Muerte echoes that today: “I think we mostly agreed that we wanted to come out the gate more aggressive since it’s been 20 some-odd years since the last one.”

Talking about the writing duties for the new album, del Muerte explains that he didn’t contribute any material for Condemned to the System. “[B]ut I had written a few that, because of my very sporadic schedule, we never got worked out. I’d write it, then forget it, then record it and then change something, forget the change, et cetera. Boils down to just being a lazy writer and missing my chance to have my own stuff on the record. Oscar does more or less bring in the finished song, and I feel like, who the fuck am I to argue with him? He wrote most of World Downfall for crying out loud!”

There you go. Listen to a couple of songs from the album for yourself:

“Hate & Deception” at Terrorizer
“Cries of Pain” at Decibel Magazine

Willowtip is taking preorders.

Check out Nausea at the band’s Facebook page.


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