Poll: Pete Sandoval found his religion

Pete Sandoval is the legendary drummer of Terrorizer and formerly of Morbid Angel. Many a sticksman in death metal and grindcore have pointed to him for inspiration on a proper blast beat and extreme drumming, citing his performances on such classic albums as World Downfall and Altars of Madness.

While Terrorizer is political lyrically, Morbid Angel is historically an anti-Christian band. Over the years the group has hated on Jesus and the church a great deal. For example:

Ghouls attack the church
Crush the holy priest
Turning the cross towards hell
Writhe in Satan’s flames

– From “Chapel of Ghouls”

Sandoval stepped down from Morbid Angel in 2010 because of back problems, and has been working on an instructional DVD. At least for a few years now, he’s also been a hardcore Christian, the type that posts scripture on their Facebook page, and his religion caused his ouster from Morbid Angel.

But while we’re waiting for the DVD to come out, here’s a poll on the subject.

What say you about drummer Pete Sandoval’s love for the J-man and the Big G?

  • It doesn’t matter. The Morbid Angel albums A-H and Terrorizer records still rule no matter what. Hails to Sandoval! (50%, 62 Votes)
  • Well, it’s typical for people with major problems in life to turn to religion for comfort. It’s just very funny that this includes someone from a band such as Morbid Angel. (24%, 30 Votes)
  • It’s sad that one of my all-time favorite drummers has turned into a bible-thumping douchebag. (14%, 17 Votes)
  • Personally, I find his thoughts on faith to be very insightful. I wonder if he's a Stryper fan. (12%, 15 Votes)
  • I don’t know about all that, but there’s other drummers out there that are younger and faster. Tim Yeung rips it in Morbid Angel! (1%, 1 Votes)

Total Voters: 125

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7 Replies to “Poll: Pete Sandoval found his religion”

  1. Pete is a great dude last time we hung out it was in tampa what ever makes him happy
    Pete rules best drummer in the the seen

    Metal for life
    Joe from the band necrotion

  2. More than anything, I’m just glad Pete is clean.

    But…if we are being truly honest. Morbid Angel needs him and frankly, Erik Rutan as well. And before anyone reads what I have written below, please note that I am NOT a Christian or Satanist.

    It makes absolutely no difference to me. Pete is a hero to me as a drummer and to many drummers. Regardless, lyrics are words. And if you are content your faith, none of that matters, none of that can truly affect you. Trey, Pete, and the community at large need to put their ideologies and beliefs aside and reunite for the younger generation who have never had a chance to witness them in a live setting.

    If we are TRULY being honest…Tolerance is a virtue of BOTH Satanism AND Christianity if you have read the text of these faiths. And tolerance should be a virtue of the entre metal community, as no type of music has faced more discrimination than metal and all of the subgenres that encompass this great music. We have no time for such nonsense.

    Reunite. Morbid Angel is not Morbid Angel without Pete. Please try to get Rutan back in the mix as well. Those were your best years.

  3. I Am Glad He Pick Christ.A Smart Move.I Seen Athiest, And Satanist Act In Reality And They Are Hurt Inside And Reject Christ.These Are The Ones That Like To Debate,Racism,Anger,Profanity,Cutt You On Line.Those Asians Ha,Ha,They Are Like Robots.Morbid Angel Wasn’t All That,Pete Should Stay In Terrorrizer,My Opinion. All Their Drummers Are Good,M.A. Sucks Now.Its That Azagthoth Guy Fault.M.A. Only Has Two Standout Albums,Domination,Covenant.Got Turned Over,Look At Deicide And M.A Today.We All Have Pride Since Adam And We Are Made To Be Perfect To Enter Eternity.

  4. Face it: it is a cliche
    People do a lot of damage to themselves and then all of a sudden find Jesus
    People do a lot of damage to others and all of a sudden find Jesus
    People grow old and fearful and all of a sudden find Jesus

    In his case, he also had his family pressuring him…

    Indeed, a cliche

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