Myopic and At The Graves team up for new album “A Cold Sweat of Quiet Dread”

The bands Myopic from Washington, D.C., and At the Graves from Baltimore have gotten together and recorded a new album, A Cold Sweat of Quiet Dread.

Nick Leonard of Myopic explained in a press release, “We’ve been writing as a three-piece for all our releases, and At the Graves has been a one-man band for years, so it’s been a fun challenge to combine our sounds and write as a four-piece with three vocalists. We’re very proud of the result and the new ground this album breaks for both of our bands.”

It’s an interesting metal release, with black metal and doom in the sound, different dark and sad moods, variety in the vocals, guitar textures, and unusual guitar licks for this kind of music. The songs range in length from about four minutes to close to eight.

The album is up for preorder on CD and digital from Grimoire Records. Two of the six tracks, “Through Veins of Shared Blood” and “Oppressive Ruminations,” are available for spinning at the link. Check them out.

Photos: Ben Price


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