Musicians keep telling politicians to stop playing their songs

Songwriters and bands have been trying to get politicians to stop playing their music at rallies and conventions for a long time. As Abby Schreiber listed the songwriters and politicians for Paper Mag back in 2015. More recently, Charles Stockdale and John Harrington compiled a list that USA Today posted. Focusing more on the music, a few years back Ashley Feinberg created a Spotify playlist of songs that politicians were asked to stop using, detailed at Gawker.

One of the latest examples that has received a lot of coverage is Steven Tyler of Aerosmith trying to get Donald Trump to stop using “Livin’ On The Edge,” as Sophie Tatum wrote for CNN, following Jim Acosta tweeting Aerosmith’s cease and desist letter.

Aerosmith is doing a residency in Las Vegas in April of 2019.

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Photo: D.U.


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