Pearl Jam back in the hot seat, this time from their concert poster

Pearl Jam pushes buttons, sometimes political ones, and has done so on and off for years. Most recently, bassist Jeff Ament co-designed a poster for the band’s August 13 show in Montana that depicts a burning White House and death and destruction raining down on Washington D.C. and President Trump.

Kory Grow writes in Rolling Stone that after the band caught flack for the poster, Ament released a statement to the magazine which read in part: “The role of artists is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling,” and “I welcome all interpretations and discourse.”

Back in 1994, Pearl Jam and its management took on Ticketmaster over the company’s business practices, and Ament and bandmate Stone Gossard testified before Congress on the issue, as Fred Moody detailed in Seattle Weekly.

Pearl Jam has been doing U.S. and international touring this year. The band released a new song in March, “Can’t Deny Me.”

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Image: from Pearl Jam’s Facebook post.


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