Memoriam is coming back with “Rise to Power”

The British death metal band Memoriam, D.U. is happy to report, has another album coming out next month. Rise to Power, the band’s fifth record, is the middle release of the second Memoriam album trilogy.

Memoriam is a heavy, crunchy, groove-focused band with social-commentary lyrics and observations on war. The lineup features ex-members of classic death metal groups Benediction and Bolt Thrower.

The band has been releasing promotional videos to get fans pumped for the album, with more to come. Have a look:

“All is Lost” music video:

Official Album Trailer #1

Official Album Trailer #2

Official Album Trailer #3

“Total War” lyric video:

Rise to Power is coming out on vinyl, CD, and box set on Reaper Entertainment on February 3, 2023. Check out the preorder options, because this record rocks.

There’s more Memoriam where that came from: We’ve written about the band before here at the blog too.

Photo: Earsplit PR


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