“Dying of Everything” by Obituary is out now

It’s good to hear when a new Obituary album hits the stands. Dying of Everything has 10 tracks of death metal, the thick, groovy kind that Obituary minted as one of the OGs of the genre back in the ’80s.

Album track “War” has a couple twists in it and recalls atmosphere crafting of early albums like Cause of Death. “My Will to Live” is the kind of song that will make you pound your fist on the stage (if there isn’t a barrier in front of it).

Some of the lyrics are simple and direct, like “War / Come get some / I’ll take you to war” from the song “War,” while some have some more texture, like “And as your heart beats / Pounding out your chest / You’ll find your only choice is death” from the title track.

Here’s the music video from the album, for the track “The Wrong Time”:

There’s no great experimenting with the formula here: the band knows what it’s good at and delivers it. The album closes with a slow crusher, “Be Warned.” Longtime fans should be happy, and for newcomers the album is a fine entryway.

Dying of Everything is available from Relapse on CD, LP, and tape, and it’s also on digital.

Photo: Tim Hubbard


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