Memoriam debut album “For The Fallen” coming up: watch official video trailers


Memoriam is the British old-school death metal band with two ex-Bolt Thrower members and a Benediction member. Their debut For The Fallen is up for pre-order on Nuclear Blast Records: LP, CD, cassette, and bundles. It’s also up for digital orders. The release date is March 31, 2017.

Nuclear Blast has been pumping the band on YouTube with official trailers and tracks from the album. See below for videos on this new band full of death metal veterans.

Official trailer #1: How the band came to be

Official trailer #2: About the band name and album title

Official trailer #3: About the debut album

Official trailer #4: For The Fallen listening session

Official trailer #5: Songwriting

Official trailer #6: For the Fallen artwork

Official track by track commentary #1

Official track by track commentary #2

Official track by track commentary #3

“Reduced To Zero” official track

“Surrounded By Death” lyric video

“Resistance” official lyric video

Note: we’ve added more videos as they became available.

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Interview with drummer Andy Whale


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