Vulturic Eye “Vulture Manifesto” review

“Know that your efforts, like ours, are worthless.” That’s from the band’s bio that came with the three-song CD, Vulture Manifesto, by Vulturic Eye.

The group has an intriguing aesthetic: a great deal is expressed but the band remains mysterious. Vulturic Eye has a unique website as well. And the band released a video for one of the tracks, “Mars Sector 6”:

Listeners may note that the British three-piece band leans on older progressive metal, and the singer, it sounds like, has a bit of influence from Michael Kiske of Helloween and Bruce Dickinson maybe.

vulturiceye_300The band writes “There is no need for recognition (that fruit has long since soured)” in the bio, but still: these musicians are ambitious!

The record is on Bandcamp, CD, and the other usual digital platforms like iTunes and Spotify. This band deserves a listen.


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