Man’s Body “A Set of Steak Knives” review

When D.U. hears the title A Set of Steak Knives, our mind immediately goes to the second prize in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. Whether the band Man’s Body is a fan of that film or not, the title is of its new, second album.

The record starts to develop a welcome bit of an attitude four tracks in with “Handler.” The bit of attitude continues with the next track, “Hit the Bricks!” which introduces some old-school rock ‘n’ roll, and comes and goes with tracks after. The record is better when it displays more energy as opposed to its mellower side, but that admittedly might just be D.U.‘s biases, which are strong.

Check out the video for the album track “40 Oz. Kid” below.

It’s not that the record lacks direction, but with indie and rock ‘n’ roll, there’s plenty of room to move around in those broad genres, while the types of bands that usually appear on this blog are more narrow in scope.

The record is described as “soft punk” as well as post punk. D.U. has never heard of the former and doesn’t have a grasp of the latter. So “indie” might be the best descriptor we can use.

In any case, A Set of Steak Knives is available on vinyl, digital, and streaming from NocturnalSol. Check it out.

Photo: Man’s Body’s Facebook page


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