Hyste’riah “Badassery” review

The band Hyste’riah sent D.U. its latest release, and physical copies make bands stand out from all of the email-based review requests these days.

The band is a Sweden-based solo project and is made up of a few different musical influences mixed together into a 10-song CD.

First off, it’s a thrash metal band with downtuned guitars, but there’s a bit of crossover hardcore that makes some of the songs short and there’s a touch of Ministry and Gojira here and there. The songs are mostly uptempo and the lyrics are fun: the record contains phrases like “Fuck off you little shit” and “Do not fuck with me” and “You greedy fuck.”

The CD is packaged in one of those cardboard sleeves and comes across as a long demo, but of course the songs are what’s important. The band is pretty good in that regard. If there’s one weak point to Badassery it would be the vocals, but that’s not a showstopper.

More information is at 4stringskill.se.


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