Kesem is out with a debut EP; watch the video for “The Art of Battle”

Kesem describes itself as a “prog/psych/noise/kraut rock band” (emphasis on ‘70s prog). D.U. doesn’t find the band’s debut self-titled EP to be especially noisy, but it is charmingly raw. The recording could be a little tighter, but it’s packed full of unpolished energy, and the songwriting is engaging and delivers on the description.

The songs are all over the place, but that’s what you get with “prog/psych.” Same goes for lyrics which speak of “cybernetic wizards” and “mind waves hurtling through space.”

The band released a video for one of the tracks, “The Art of Battle”:

The EP is out on cassette from Sentient Recordings and it’s name your price on Bandcamp. Run, do not walk, to another browser window and grab this record!

Related: Ben Daniel (keys, trumpet, vocals) sent the cassette in to D.U. for review. We previously wrote about his former band Columbian Necktie: an album review and a split tape review.



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