Josh Caterer goes live with “The SPACE Sessions”

Inspired by the lockdowns, Josh Caterer and his band played to an empty room at SPACE in Chicago and he got a live album out of it.

Punk fans might remember Caterer from Smoking Popes, and his band is rounded out by John Perrin from NRBQ and John San Juan from Hushdrops.

The SPACE Sessions features covers and Caterer’s material. Some of it is pop rock, some full-on rock, and some soulful, but there’s good live band energy all the time. Check out a video clip for the track “At Last,” complete with horn section and xylophone.

The record is out on CD, LP, and digital, and features liner notes from Scott Lucas of Local H. Head over to Pravda Records to pick it up.

Photo: Pravda Records


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