Gojira releases “Amazonia” video and launches “Operation Amazonia”

The French band Gojira is no stranger to environmental activism. There’s a whole section dedicated to it on Gojira’s website. The band’s latest moves involve the new music video “Amazonia” (below) which seeks to raise awareness about the Articulation of Indigenous Peoples of Brazil (or APIB) and promote the upcoming Gojira album Fortitude.

Check out the lyrics at the YouTube link as well as more info on the song.

With “Operation Amazonia,” the band is auctioning items donated themselves and by other bands such as Sepultura to raise money for the APIB. Gojira frontman Joe Duplantier shared details in a video:

“Amazonia” is the second track released from Fortitude, which comes out April 30 on Roadrunner Records and is up for preorder on vinyl and digital from the band.

Related: Sepultura previously released an Amazon-themed video for “Guardians of Earth,” and there’s more news here at the blog on the crossroads of the environment and music.


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