Read a top-10 drum machine list

Drum machines have been important to your humble editor. D.U. has been getting occasional use out of FL Studio Mobile, but the one that we got years of use out of was the BOSS Dr. Rhythm: first the DR-550 and then the DR-660. (If memory serves, there was an Alesis machine in D.U.‘s history, but if so it was brief.)

For gear heads that are interested in electronic percussion, Mixdown magazine has a list of the “greatest drum machines of all time.” It’s a little technical even for a seasoned user like D.U., but still enjoyable reading. The list gets into why each machine was important in music and what stellar names used them, as well as YouTube links so readers can hear them in action.

Check out 6-10 on Mixdown‘s list and then continute counting down with 5-1.

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