Get It Or Die! with Pete Ponitkoff of Benümb

Below is the latest installment of our column with our man Pete Ponitkoff (former singer of Benümb, Agenda of Swine, Lie Still, Treasonist, the list goes on, performing at Maryland Deathfest above), in which off the top of his head he tells us what music to check out.

What I’ve been listening to recently—I’ve been going back and listening to older releases from some bands, like PLF. I picked up Pulverizing Lethal Force. What a gem; truly a gem. Love it. And a really great recording.

Another thing, geez, the first few GridLink recordings [Amber Grey and Orphan]. Love ‘em, love ‘em. I mean, that’s some quality stuff, y’know? Just love that stuff to death. [Check out the D.U. interviews with GridLink—ed.]

What else have I been listening to? Like I said, nothing too new. Love the newest Cannibal [Red Before Black by Cannibal Corpse]. That’s been on regular rotation. I absolutely love that.

Oh, the newest—this shows you how far back I’m going here—Devourment. The newest recording with the older lineup [Obscene Majesty]? That is just really tough. It’s very, very heavy. Leaves such a smile on my face.

That’s what’s been going on. What I want to go check out right now, what’s hot on my tryout list right now, is the new Odious Mortem [Synesthesia]. I think it’s on Willowtip. So want to go pick that up.

Oh, and here’s another thing: I can’t push this hard enough right now. Triage, Triage, Triage. You can’t go wrong. Yeah, there we go.

In the ‘zine archives editions of this column, Pete had recommended the bands Severed Saviour and Arise back in 2007, and Lock Up, Cattle Decapitation, Municipal Waste, I Shit You Not, End Of All, Watch ‘Em Die, Animosity, and First Blood back in 2002.

Pete’s latest musical project is Arterial Artery.


Check out the previous installment of Get It Or Die! here at the blog. And we’ve interviewed Pete more than once in the zine archives:
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– We had a discussion with Pete about his tour of duty in Iraq in issue #40, page 1


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