Friday promo roundup: July 31, 2020

We get a lot of digital promos at the D.U. email address, too many to give proper justice at the blog. To get through them, here’s a quick roundup. Hopefully some of the below items will strike your fancy.

The 15 items featured this week concern Ace Frehley, Body Count, Crippled Black Phoenix, Dee Snider, Dropdead, Drouth, Every Hour Kills, Faceless Burial, Heavy Music Artwork, Memoria, Oxalate, Razorwire Halo, Realize, Swans, and Warkings. Let’s dig in.

Ace Frehley
is still rocking and his latest solo record, Origins Vol. 2, a collection of covers, is up for preorder on vinyl, CD, and digital from eOne. A video for “Space Truckin’” is below.

Body Count
is best known by its singer, Ice-T. The group has released an animated video for the track “Thee Critical Beatdown” from the album Carnivore, which is still available on CD, LP, various bundles, and digital on Century Media Records. Check out the video below.

Crippled Black Phoenix
from the U.K. has a “dark rock” or progressive rock album called Ellengæst that’s up for preorder from Season of Mist Records on CD, tape, LP, and digital. A video for “Cry of Love” is below.

Dee Snider
is also still rocking, and has a live album and home video out today called For the Love of Metal Live. “For the Love of Metal” from the album is below. The release is on a variety of DVD, Blu-Ray, and CD formats and bundles. Dig through it all at Napalm Records.

is a classic hardcore band from Providence, and the guys are putting out a new self-titled album this year on the Armageddon Label. There’s no preorder information yet, but the band released a video that covers two tracks from the upcoming record, “Predule/Torches.” The tracks feature a new and improved vocal delivery.

is a Portland black metal band. The group’s new album, Excerpts From a Dread Liturgy, is out today on Translation Loss Records, on vinyl and on digital, but happily you don’t have to role the dice on whether you’ll like it—the whole record is streaming at Decibel Magazine and worth a listen. (Photo: Perfect World PR)

Every Hour Kills
from Calgary has an interesting packaging approach for its upcoming djenty EP, Re:Awaken. The four-song record will also feature instrumentals of each track and come with a storybook. The track “Veiled Aurora” is below, and the lyrics are at YouTube. The band has the record up for digital preorder.

Faceless Burial
from Melbourne has a new album, Speciation, that’s up for preorder from Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo Records on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digital. CVLT Nation premiered a ripping death metal track from the record, “Irreparably Corpsed.” (Photo: Clawhammer PR)

Heavy Music Artwork
based out of the U.K. carries a magazine of the same name, books, prints, and jewelry at its online store. Items on preorder include an art book from Christophe Szpajdel, who D.U. interviewed in archive ‘zine issue #35, page 4. The store has a summer sale going on now on all books.  

is a Finnish “symphonic progressive gothic metal band” with a new album, Carnival of Creation, up for preorder from Inverse Records on CD. We’re assuming it’ll be released digitally too, but details are thin. An ambitious music video for the title track is below.

from New York and Jersey plays “dank death metal” and Infatuating Sickness is the band’s new album, up for preorder on CD (there’s just 100 of those) and digital from Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The track “Dark Ritual” is below.

Razorwire Halo
from Kansas City is an “electro rock” band with a new single that you can “pre-save” on streaming from INgrooves. The lyric video for the track is below.

is an industrial metal band from Arizona, whose album Machine Violence is up for preorder from Relapse Records on CD, LP, and digital. The video for “Disappear” is below.

is a band from NYC that shouldn’t need much of an introduction for people that follow underground arty music. But if you’d like to learn about the band, you’re in luck: the Where Does A Body End? documentary is up for preorder now on DVD and Blu-Ray from MVD Entertainment Group. Below is the trailer.

is a Viking metal band with a new album, Revenge, out today on CD, LP, and digital from Napalm Records. Below is a CGI-packed video for “Odin’s Sons.”

That’s all for this week. Check out our previous promo roundups, and have a good weekend.



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